Development of an Agrifibre panel making process has been ongoing since the late 1970ís
The first COMPAK SYSTEM was commissioned in 1990
20 COMPAK SYSTEM plants have been sold world wide
Continuous research and development of materials technology and process integrity ensure that THE COMPAK SYSTEM is offered as a commercially proven business venture
CS PROCESS ENGINEERING Ltd also offer the system to utilise wood waste materials
CS PROCESS ENGINEERING Ltd believe in total customer satisfaction and offer our customers services before, during and after plant installation. Services Include:-
  Raw material research and development
  Finished product research and development
  Pre-investment financial modelling services ( Feasibility study )
  Pre-investment marketing advice
  Financial options
  Product warranty
  Site management services
  Home base and in-field maintenance services
  Comprehensive training
  Technical and Laboratory support for product and market development
  Plant improvements and upgrades to keep pace with technical development
  Added value equipment and services